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Seal Team Bootcamp


Seal Team Bootcamp

The Program

SEAL Team Bootcamp is not like other Bootcamps. We strive to be the best Bootcamp in the Lower Mainland and we’ll do it by pushing you to be the best you can be. You will succeed with SEAL Team, we guarantee it. FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS!Our Bootcamps are currently offered in Vancouver City, Coquitlam, Vancouver East and White Rock/South Surrey.

Our program will keep you motivated, engaged and challenged no matter who you are or why you’ve joined. Just look at what we have to offer:

    • First session is free: You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive. Our program works and we’re confident you’ll be back for more.
    • Anytime registration: Month to month registration. No contracts. No excuses!Pay and start the same day!!!!!
    • Flexible schedule: 2 class times a day to suit your schedule. Early morning, late morning and evenings 5 days a week. Bonus class on Saturday.
    • Flexible memberships: Unlimited membership gives you access to as many workouts as you can fit in. Punchcard memberships are available for those with more unpredictable schedules. Group discounts available, bring your friends or co-workers! Injured or on vacation? We’ll even put your membership on hold and credit the days you’re gone. But be ready to work when you get back!
    • Year-round: Nothing beats the outdoors, but we have great indoor facilities when the weather gets rough.
    • All fitness levels: Can you barely do a sit-up? Can you do the Grouse Grind backwards in your sleep? Are you somewhere in between? SEAL Team Bootcamp tailors to your ability. You will be pushed just outside of your comfort zone no matter who you are.
  • Nutritional support: No fitness program is complete without a nutritional plan. All registered members receive a basic nutritional plan that will complement your fitness goals. If that’s not enough, a more highly personalized nutritional plan can be tailored to your exact specifications.
  • Preferred Customers: Come for 3 consecutive months and renew at only $99 a month. That’s less than the cost of many gym memberships!
  • Referral Program: SEAL Team Bootcamp will get you results. Your friends will be jealous. Help SEAL Team start three of them on their fitness journey and continue yours free for a month on us.
  • Progress monitoring: Nothing motivates like progress. All SEAL Team members receive 5 point body measurements, before and after pictures, before and after weigh ins and our monthly SEAL Team Physical Fitness Test. No extra fees, no hidden costs.
  • Varied workouts: No two workouts are the same! We use anything and everything to keep you challenged and keep you motivated. This includes the best of calisthenicsplyometrics,isometrics and resistance training. We’ll use sandbags, tires, rebar, logs, chains, TRX systems, weights, Thera-Bands, fences, benches, beach sand, and even person next to you.
  • All equipment provided: All you need to bring is a small pair of dumb bells. Everything else is provided.

SEAL Team Bootcamp is exactly what you want. SEAL Team Bootcamp is exactly what you need.

Contact Us For More Information

(778) 865-DOIT (3648)